Adult Services

Assertive Community Treatment (ACT)

A community based outreach program utilizing with a team approach. This team consists of 4 case managers, a nurse, and a psychiatrist who work closely together to provide an array of mental health and support services to individuals who are assessed at greater risk of repeated psychiatric hospitalization. ACT services provide intensive support and training to prevent individuals from deteriorating to the point of requiring hospitalization.

Psychosocial Rehabilitation

This program assists and facilitates members toward normalization and independence by addressing deficits in the individual's ability to develop and maintain: positive social relationships, occupational or educational achievement, independent living skills, and housing. Rehabilitation Specialists work with consumers to facilitate stabilization of symptoms, the learning of new behaviors, and the enhancement of self-confidence. Consumers are encouraged to set personal goals to enhance recovery.

Case Management

Case Managers help coordinate all available mental health services and serve as a single point of contact to facilitate quality care. Individuals are referred and/or linked to resources within their community. Case Managers update the assessments necessary for continued authorization of services, monitor consumer progress toward their goals and provide education about symptoms specific to each individual's diagnosis.

Peer Support Groups

Consumer directed groups providing social support between and among individuals who have common issues and needs.

Supported Employment

Assisting individuals in finding a job, helping the individual complete job applications, teaching resume writing and interviewing skills, assisting with learning job-specific skills, and monitoring the consumer's employment related goals.

Supported Housing

Activities to assist individuals in choosing, obtaining, and maintaining regular, integrated housing that is both habitable and affordable.