HCS Information

Home & Community Based Services (HCS)

This is a Medicaid waiver program. The following service components are available to individuals enrolled in the HCS program as prescribed in the Individual Plan of Care (IPC). The Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD) Authority manages the interest list and the initial enrollments.

HCS Services

  • Supervised Living or Residential Supports-4 consumers sharing a home they do not own
  • Foster Care/Family Living Services-1 to 2 consumers living with a foster/companion care provider
  • Supported Home Living-assistance which is provided to consumers living with their families or in their own residence.
  • Case management-single accountable staff person to coordinate service delivery
  • Nursing, Dietary Services and Dental Services
  • Social Work, Psychology, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Speech/Language Therapy, and Audiology
  • Respite-A period of rest or relief provided in either hourly or daily increments, inside or outside the home of the person served.
  • Supported Employment-Training and support which allows consumers to work as independently as possible in the community
  • Day Habilitation-is designed to assist individuals in acquiring, retaining and/or improving self-help, socialization and adaptive skills
  • Adaptive Aids-A maximum of $10,000 annually for the purchase of devices, controls or appliances to assist with activities of daily living, mobility, communication and health needs.
  • Minor Home Modifications -$7,500 LIFETIME allotment, with $300 annual maintenance allowable.

What does HCS Do?

Person-centered planning is an integral part of the HCS philosophy. Services and supports are tailored to meet the needs of each individual, with the persons served and their families being active in every phase of the planning and delivery of services, from deciding who oversees their program to choosing their home, therapies, attendants, roommates, etc.

A comprehensive plan is created by the person served, his/her family and a team which is chosen by the person served. Through this plan, individualized services are incorporated into the day-to-day life of the person served. The plan is flexible and is revised as changes occur.

Extensive efforts are made to insure that persons served are satisfied with services. However, if our staff is unsuccessful in their efforts, individuals receiving HCS services are at liberty to choose a different provider. Home and Community-based Services are offered through a variety of profit and non-profit providers throughout the state.