the Local MH/IDD Authority for Denton County, Texas

Regularly Scheduled Meeting

Board of Trustees

                                         Date:                 Thursday, July 25, 2019

                                         Time:                7:00 PM

                                         Place:                Flower Mound Outpatient Clinic

                                                                      1001 Cross Timbers Rd. #1250

                                                                      Flower Mound, TX  75028

Board Members:

Barbara Gailey, Chair      Rhonda Dick, Ph.D. - Vice Chair      Judi Swayne, Secretary

Open Position      Patti Dunn      Dianne Hickey

Ed Pilkington      Melanie Royer      Keith Turner, Ph.D.

Pam Gutierrez, Executive Director

We Value:

Individual Worth   -   Quality    -   Integrity     -   Dedication    -    Teamwork

DCMHMR Mission Statement

Denton County MHMR Center enhances the quality of life of the individuals served and their family members.


Board of Trustees Meeting Agenda

Thursday, July 25, 2019

  1. Call to Order

    1. Roll Call

    2. Welcome to Guests and Staff

    3. Public Comments are welcome however, are limited to three (3) minutes per individual and fifteen (15) minutes total time. Citizens wishing to address the Board must complete the Citizen Comment Registration Form prior to the start of the meeting. Pursuant to State Open Meetings Law, the Board of Trustees is restricted in discussing or taking action on items not posted on the Agenda.

    4. Approval of the Regularly Scheduled Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes, June 27, 2019.

    5. Board Presentation: North Texas National Giving Day, Phyllis Finley and Jennifer Steele.

    The Board reserves the right to convene in Executive Session(s) from time to time as deemed necessary during  this meeting - Executive Session(s) pursuant to Article 6252-17, Sec. 2, V.T.C.S., regarding   Litigation (e), Real Estate (f), Personnel (g) and Security (j).

  2. Committee Reports

    1. Finance Committee Meeting

    2. FY 2019 Period 10 (June) Financial Statements
      Ed Pilkington, Finance Committee Chair

    3. Permission to remove and add Authorized Representatives to the Signature Card for Inwood Bank Account representing Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Services (IDD).

    Other Agenda Items

    1. By Laws - Organizational Chart (Tabled from last meeting)
      Pam Gutierrez, Executive Director

    2. Policy 5.0.1 - Quality Improvement Management Plan
      Troy Manning, Administrator of QM/UM

  3. Exectutive Director Report

  4. Chair Comments

  5. New Business - The next Board of Trustees Meeting will be on August 29, 2019

  6. Adjourn